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KCB Scholarship application from This application form should be completed in full and submitted by every pupil seeking for a scholarship from the KCB Foundation. Only a candidate who has been admitted
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Address. Telephone and Email Address (please use full name). Primary School (if applicable). Secondary School (if applicable). Number of Students (if applicable). If Applicant is a Student of National S-grade or above, please insert the Secondary School (if applicable). Name of Secondary School If Applicant is a Student of Provincial S-grade or above, please insert the Provincial S-grade (if applicable). Name of National School. (if applicable) Full Name. (Please use full name.) Secondary School (if applicable). Please insert Surname of Principal(s) as follows: First Principal(s). Second Principal(s). Third Principal(s). Fourth Principal(s). Please select National, Non National, or Provincial level of education and list which school is being pursued: For all applicants, the number of students will be calculated and the results will be printed. Please note: If you are sending an application form, please use the following address. KCB Scholarship APPLICATION FORM Please Note: This application form has been prepared on hard copy as well as electronic format. Therefore, your application form will only be delivered to the address listed as follows: The KCB Foundation, P.O. Box 957, Bangkok 11101, Thailand. If you submit an application without giving the requested information, your application will be closed, and you will not be eligible for consideration. Please be alert to the fact that once you have entered your information, a confirmation screen will appear automatically on your screen indicating that you can enter only one name. Please ensure that you complete all the requested personal information. This is a general and temporary scholarship not meant for financial aid. For any additional information contact this office via phone/fax: +66 (0)611-711-22-3 Email (please indicate the applicant's name you are contacting): bngkcbfoundation.
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More than 200 needy pupils who sat last year's Kenya certificate of primary education exams already benefiting from the KCB foundation scholarship program with interviews spanning the 47 counties of Kenya and 30 million shillings set aside for the full scholarship program it's a welcome relief for not just the students but also the schools that they attend a case in point is Nairobi's may Avenue primary school as a result of the program beneficiaries will have their entire four-year tuition paid for the KCB it's an ideal way to give back KCB wants to give back to the community and one way of doing that is through the scholarships that is why it took this initiative, so we are actually giving back to the community by ensuring that we educate the students to be better people in the community with research indicating that despite many families accessing bursaries especially from the constituency development funds pressing burden of secondary school fee still prevents many students from attending secondary schools as a result some of the brightest and hardest-working students are missing out on furthering their studies my son is go to 392 marks here I attended his premier education at st. Francis de school in band orifice for courtesy of the proprietor of the school Mrs. Marin you Guinea who upon identifying my son's academic capability she offered you allow him a chance to undergo primer education in high school and even including the feeding program because she actually knew the circumstances and the special of my family I'm a parent who has gone through difficulties without a former job and my wife has been mentally sick for the last seven years even right now she's on just Madera hospital medication program, so those factors actually encourages a teacher to accept my son into high school, and he never disappointed that the KCB scholarship would be of so much benefit took to students who did well, and it would be especially for parents who are not able to pay their school fees for these kids because if is they are given a chance they can make a difference in their lives they can improve their lives, and they would be people who can make a difference in this country we had about KCB foundation and I went to get a go-to branch is given a phone, and we were advised to come here today so that our children could be interviewed to at least try and see if they could secure a chance to do to be awarded a de-escalation currently there are 170 students who have benefited from the scholarship from form one to form for a number that will more than double the 370 students after the 2013 selection we also beneficiaries of this community these are the communities we do business with, so we are curly giving back to the community just out of what you have made out of your business we are setting out to them and again these students with the business partners for tomorrow they later be our studio in our employees a lots of your customers, so it is quite good and...
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